Violet Color Contacts

Everyone on the planet knows that Elizabeth Taylor was famous, in part, for her gorgeous violet eyes. Thanks to violet color contacts we don’t all have to be Liz to look glam! Violet color contacts come in both prescription and non prescription form and are available from your optometrist and online lens stores.

Some of the more popular brands of violet color contacts are:

FreshLook: available in both colorblends amethyst and colors violet, Freshlook offers safe, affordable contact lenses. Both styles are disposables, replaceable after two weeks of wear. Freshlook also offers a style called colors opaques which have a patented dot matrix to create a more natural looking eye color change.

Acuvue: the Acuvue 2 line of opaque color contact lenses includes a beautiful shade of amethyst, perfect for anyone trying to enhance their look by adding a stunning touch of color to their eyes

Clearly Colors: the color is called violet venom and the name certainly suits the look. A bold purple lens, they are sold as yearly replacement lenses.

Impressions: these lenses have a violet tint with a darker outer ring that is sure to draw attention to your eyes. These contacts are not meant to be worn by people with dark eyes.

Durasoft: perfect for dark eyes, these natural looking contacts combine two colors to give a subtle change. The non-corrective violet lenses give the eye a slight violet hue. Not as dramatic as some contacts, these are perfect for those wanting just a bit of a color shift.

Wherever you choose to purchase your violet color contacts, be sure you are purchasing a lens that is FDA approved. This, coupled with good hygiene, will ensure the health and safety of your eyes. If you have questions, you can consult your optometrist for a proper prescription and fit.

Violet Color Contact Lens

FreshLook Colors (Opaques) from Ciba Vision use the patented dot matrix pattern to create a natural-looking solid colored contact lens that can be worn monthly. These lenses are available in violet (shown here) and several other spectacular colors.

Amethyst Color Contact Lens

Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques from Johnson & Johnson are designed to illuminate your eyes by adding some color to them. The contacts lenses come in a wide variety of colors – including this stunning amethyst – so that you can choose the one that’s right for you!

Violet Venom Color Contact Lens

Clearly Colors can help you unleash your wild side with groundbreaking gel-edge technology. Seven vibrant colors are available to our customers, including the brilliant violet venom shown here.