Color Contact For Dark Eyes

Man with dark colored contact lensIt’s hard to find a good color contact for dark eyes. Most colored contacts either produce a very faint or muddled color when worn on dark eyes. The darker a person’s eyes are, the less likely it is that colored contacts will produce the effects they are after.

There are two main types of colored contacts: enhancement contacts and regular colored contact lenses. Enhancement contacts are those that enhance a person’s eye color. They are meant to work with the wearer’s eye color to produce natural looking results. An example of these lenses are FreshLook Dimensions by CIBA VISION.

Regular colored contacts are designed to completely change the wearer’s eye color. These lenses are more vivid than enhancement lenses. In most cases, enhancement lenses are not the best color contact for very dark eyes. Dark eyed consumers need bright, vivid contact lenses. Otherwise, their eye color will look odd or artificial.

The original FreshLook Colorblends are a great choice of color contact for dark eyes. These contacts are designed to look natural, while effectively changing the eye color. Ambition and Acuvue also offer great products for dark eyed customers.

When choosing a color contact for dark eyes, there are few things that consumers must know. The first is that shoppers must have a prescription for colored lenses. A prescription is necessary, even if the contacts are non-corrective. When getting a prescription, consumers may want to try on a few different options. Colored contacts are a bit different than regular contact lenses. If the contact shifts, the wearer’s eyesight may be partially blocked. This is especially true for strongly colored contacts.

Colored contacts can also take some getting used to. At first, it may be weird to see oneself with a different eye color. Sampling different options will make it easier to choose the most attractive color contact for dark eyes.