Non Prescription Color Contacts

Non prescription color contacts are a fantastic way to change your look! Even if you don’t require corrective lenses, you can still wear color contacts. You can order non prescription color contacts from most optometrists and even online; just make sure they are FDA approved for your safety. No matter where you choose to purchase your lenses, make sure that you are given the go ahead from your eye doctor; only people with healthy eyes should wear contacts. Your optometrist will also measure your eyes and give you the numbers which are sometimes required when ordering contacts online.

Color contacts are the newest way to accessorize. When shopping for non prescription color contacts, you’ll find that you have many options:

Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

It was once incredibly difficult to find contact lenses that would change the color of dark eyes. Giving your brown eyes a color transformation is now easier than ever! Go aqua, grey or even violet. You’ll hardly recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

Special Effects Lenses

Popular among those in the theater, movie and music businesses, special effects lenses (also called Halloween lenses) can add a dramatic, look-at-me effect to your everyday wear or costume. You’ll see many of these kinds of lenses in horror films. The contacts may cover the entire sclera (white of the eye) or just the iris; you choose!

Natural Colored Contacts

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what you would look like without your baby-blues. What if you could change to green, brown or even hazel? That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the wide range of natural colored contact lenses.

Crazy Colored Contacts

Available in patterns like zebra stripes, yellow cheetah, black wolf and even smiley, these non prescription color contacts are bound to draw attention to your face and your incredible sense of style.