Prescription Color Contacts

If you’re searching for a way to update your look without a lot of effort, time or money, you should consider prescription color contacts.

To get the color you desire, you must first understand the difference between the four types of color contacts on the market today.

Hand holding prescription color contact

Opaque prescription color contacts

Opaque lenses block the original color of your eye so that the intended color is more noticeable. These prescription lenses are ideal for those who have dark-colored eyes but want light-colored eyes.

Enhancer prescription color contacts

These color lenses are for those who want to slightly deepen their original color. Patients with light-colored eyes will see a more dramatic change when using these prescription lenses.

Pearlescent/shimmer prescription color contacts

To add a twinkle to your eyes, these lens manufacturers use gold or silver flecks. Some brands also have a dark outer edge, bringing more definition to your eye.

Sports prescription color contacts

Nike teamed up with Bausch & Lomb to create these sports lenses that filter light and protect your eyes from UV rays. Only two tints are currently available, green and amber. These lenses are more about function than eye color.

Color contacts are also available in non-prescription strength, so anyone has the ability to change the color of their eyes. Patients with astigmatism, who are often left out when it comes to the latest trends in contact lenses, will be happy to know that several brands are now making toric lenses.

A variety of manufacturers produce color contacts. To get the best fit, you should see your eye doctor, even if you do not require prescription-strength lenses. Ill-fitting lenses can be painful and even cause permanent damage.

When choosing a retailer, search for a company that has a return policy on unopened boxes.