Crazy Color Contact Lens

Wearing a crazy color contact lens or two is all the rage if you’re going clubbing or simply want to accessorize your outfit in a new, creative way. Most offerings in the crazy color contact lens category don’t require a prescription though some stores may want you to have a proper sizing done by an optometrist. A visit to an eye doctor isn’t a bad idea in either case as it’s not recommended to put any type of contact lens in an eye unless it’s healthy.

Special Scary Contact LensThe crazy color contact lens comes in many different styles and is made by different manufacturers. Make sure you purchase a pair that is FDA approved from a reputable source. You don’t want to damage your eyes for the sake of fashion! Some of the more unique crazy color contact lens offerings are:

Crazy Daisy: a black lens with a red daisy flower that uses your pupil as its center.

Froggy: if you’ve ever though it would be cool to look like a red-eyed tree frog, this is the lens for you!

Creepers: the lens reminds you of some type of alien reptile with its vertical pupil and yellow and green iris.

Bionic Eye Terminator: a robotic eye is what you’ll have when you put these lenses in with their incredible silver and black design.

Mad Hatter: a stunning yellow contact with a black outline, the mad hatter will give your Alice In Wonderland costume a unique touch.

- iGlow Twilight UV: perhaps the absolute best contact for a night under black lights, these contacts will make your eyes literally glow!

- Purple Dragon: a vertical pupil with a purple iris and yellow starburst pattern, these lenses are sure to make you feel like a real dragon! Also available in aqua, green, grey, red and UV.