Halloween Contact Lens

Most people love dressing up for Halloween and, at times, it can be difficult to come up with an original costume or add flair to a costume that others are sure to be wearing. How do you make one witch stand out from another or one vampire be more unique than the next? The answer is in your accessories and there may be no better way to accessorize that with a Halloween contact lens or two.

Animated Halloween Banner for Special Effects Contact Lenses.Using a Halloween contact lens is perfectly safe providing you use common sense and utilize proper hygiene practices. To assure your safety, look for a Halloween contact lens of a well known brand. If you’re unsure, consult your optometrist for a list of reputable companies or for help in purchasing and fitting lenses.

Some popular styles of special effects contact lenses are:

- Manson: a white lens with a large, black pupil and a black outline. This style is often worn by Marilyn Manson, hence the name.

- Red Vampire: a blood-red lens that will give your vampire costume an authentic feel.

- Black Sclera: this lens covers the entire white of the eye (the sclera) and can be seen in many modern horror movies.

- Banshee: a sort of cat’s-eye, this lens has a vertical pupil, a red iris, and a yellow starburst pattern – all designed to give your costume a frightening feel.

- Angelic: featuring a beautiful sky-blue / cobalt-blue iris, this lens will add  dramatic flair to any angel costume.

- White Zombie: very similar to the Manson, this is a white contact lens with no black outline (to make your eye seem completely whited out).

Eclipse: a newer style of Halloween contact lens, this makes looking into your eyes eerily similar to looking into a solar eclipse.

- Golden Twilight: if you’ve ever wanted to look like your favorite Twilight vampires, this is the lens to use. Colored with a striking amber, you’ll have eyes like Edward in no time!

To take a look at our own selection of Halloween contacts, check out our Crazy Color Contact Lens page. Our colored contacts are the perfect way to spruce up your next Halloween costume!

Animated Halloween Banner for Special Effects Contact Lenses.